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Technologies for the advancement of data centres’ cooling efficiency

As the cost of power is one of fundamental elements of data centres’ operational costs, and a significant proportion of this cost is formed by power consumed for the operation of a cooling system, new solutions that could provide data centre cooling capabilities with less power consumption and hence lower costs is always a topical… View Article

Adiabatic panels for a more economical cooling process

Since the reduction of electrical power consumption continues to be a topical issue in the field of cooling necessary for the operation of cooling equipment, new solutions have been searched for to make cooling processes more efficient. One of the solutions to reduce cooling capacity during the hot period when cooling facilities are most loaded… View Article

The meaning of UPS and the preconditions for choosing the device type

UPS (uninterruptible power supply) device is a critical object in the data centre technological infrastructure. And besides, it is important without reference to the computing amount (and consequently also to the power of the devices), which is processed at the data centre. The UPS system has most probably been encountered daily by anyone who has… View Article

A heat source that must be cooled – data center cooling

When talking about data centre cooling, to simply visualise it – a data centre is a large heat source. In turn, it is of critical importance that the technological equipment of a data centre (primarily servers), especially in high capacity conditions, has a defined optimal operating temperature. And so, a significant cooling capacity must be… View Article

What must be known about data center technologies?

If creating a data centre is being considered, it is essential to keep in mind the basic principles and functions of the operation and construction of related technologies. This allows for easier assessment of risks and avoiding inefficient investments – choosing solutions that are inappropriate in aspects of their functionality and further use. To simply… View Article

How stable is the operation of your data center?

Access to and the quality of electricity are critically important factors for any business where technologies play an important role. This is especially important in a data center, because servers that are located there serve the business functions of many such companies and continuous system operation is of critical importance (for example, for banks, stock… View Article