The innovative complex of security systems introduced in the chain of gas filling stations (GFS) SIA Latvija Statoil, enabled to reduce theft losses last year by 50%; Latvija Statoil Ltd. informed business portal

Overall, in recent years, the company has invested around 200 000 lats in the security system improvements, and, due to the improvements, several persons were detained, who have been continuously stealing fuel from other gas filling retail chains as well; and the company was able to provided help to law enforcement authorities in solving crimes unrelated to SIA Latvija Statoil.

The company explains that implementation of security package was completed at the end of last year, but was started already in 2009, when theft losses were reduced even by 70%, compared to 2008. A range of different security improvements have been implemented both in GFS store, and territory. The new video recording systems and cameras installed in all 63 GFS have larger efficiency in combating theft.

The innovative technologies allow detecting unlawful activities by recording substantial data in high-definition- distinguishable motor vehicle number plates and other relevant information. The system is suitable for work at any time of the day and in any weather conditions, ensuring high quality imaging also during the night time. The quality and reliability of the video image have been approved by the law enforcement authorities.

The company was previously reproved of initiating a case on each smallest theft at Statoil fuel stations at a time when police resources were limited and required in serious investigations. And we still pay attention to every single theft, recognizes Viesturs Astičs, the Head of SIA Latvija Statoil Security Department.

„Currently, I can also proudly say that we have helped the clients and the law enforcement authorities by issuing hundreds of videos regarding the case investigations unrelated to SIA Latvija Statoil”, stated Astičs.

Video surveillance system installation and maintenance was performed by Latvian company SIA Citrus Solutions – a certified representative of Bosch Technologies, becoming the first in Latvia to carry out such a large scale security system project of this type. SIA Latvija Statoil. is one of the largest fuel retailers in Latvia.