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Technical reconstruction project development and construction for BITE Latvija base stations throughout Latvia


SIA Bite Latvija

Period: 2007–2014

Location: Latvia


base station reconstruction works

The implemented solutions: technical project development and construction


We are continuing to conduct more than 30 SIA Bite Latvija base station reconstruction works throughout Latvia, constructing new radio relay communication lines, installing optical and electrical cables and upgrading the previous generation base stations. Along with the performance of these works, SIA Bite Latvija has become more competitive and is the most modern mobile operator on the Latvian market, resulting in gaining more service holders and ensuring higher quality transmission and receipt of information for SIA Bite Latvija clients. Within this technical project a new antenna system and base stations were installed on water towers, as well as roofs, and on metal poles. In addition to carrying out the base station reconstruction, we have ensured the client faster and more effective information circulation and receipt.