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Reconstruction of External Engineering Networks in the National Armed Forces (NAF) territory at 11 Kurstabaznīcas Street, Riga

Cooperation partners:



Period: 2008

Location: Riga, Latvia


Reconstruction of the external engineering networks in the NAF territory at 11 Krustabaznīcas Street, in Riga – construction works of subscriber 0.4 kV network and telephonisation of external networks.

The implemented solutions: data and optical network


Work with NAF objects necessitates a high level of confidentiality, access to state secret and has high safety requirements – it required us to count on a limited number of employees, which in a way complicated and extended the progress of the project. The security system of the NAF object at 11 Krustabaznīcas Street, in Riga, was modernised, and our participation in this project involved the development of the detail design and constructing of the data and optical network. In the NAF territory we also modernised the arrival and departure check position, providing a higher safety level and more qualitative access control.