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Management of Energy Efficiency Project (Reconstruction of Insulation, Ventilation and Cooling Systems) in SIA Lattelecom’s Office Building in Citadele Street


SIA Lattelecom

Period: 2014 - 2015

Location: Riga


replacement of insulation and ventilation systems and reconstruction of cooling system, as well as project management of window replacement and heating rearrangement

The implemented solutions: insulation, ventilation, air-conditioning


Another challenge to show our skill in the implementation of new services – ventilation and cooling – was the replacement of insulation and ventilation systems, and reconstruction of the cooling system, as well as project management of window replacement and heating rearrangement for SIA Lattelecom‘soffice building at 9 Citadeles street, this time being the customer.

During the implementation of the project, where we ourselves were particularly interested in theĀ  integration of ventilation and cooling systems, the existing supply and exhaust equipment was exchanged with equipment with rotor recuperator, which allows to save energy needed to heat the air. The reconstruction of the cooling system involves the replacement of the freon cooling system with a water-glycol cooling system. The know-how in this site is the use of textile air distributors in the construction of the cooling system. This unique product provides a more even distribution of cooled air throughout the rooms, eliminating strong air flow, which can often be encountered when operating similar cooling systems.

The project also involves reconstruction and balancing of the heating system to achieve optimal heating system operating parameters.

This project is important to us also because it is implemented in collaboration with the Climate Change Financial Instrument (CCFI), where in this case the funds were allocated to Lattelecom, but we were given the right to manage the project.