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Low-voltage network and electro-network designing, construction and maintenance for the Eastern-Latvian municipal creative service centre Zeimuļs in Rezekne

Cooperation partners:



Period: 2010–2012

Location: Rezekne


low-voltage network and electrical network construction

The implemented solutions: low-voltage and electrical networks

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For the Eastern-Latvian municipal creative service centre Zeimuļs we have built a low-voltage system and electro-network – built external low-voltage networks and electrical networks, internal electrical networks, structured telecommunications network, security system, fire detection system, fire and voice alert system, video surveillance system, installed a total of 35 cameras, smoke exhaust control system, as well as a water supply valve control system. Design works on the building’s management system were additionally carried out.This project is very unusual, specific, with many sloped planes and various amounts of configuration. From the inside, the creative service centre looks just as interesting as it does from the outside – there are bold colour options and an original lighting system, as well as an unusual surface installation with aluminium tubes. The centre was chosen as a finalist for the yearly 2012 Latvian architecture award, Latvijas arhitektūras gada balvas 2012.