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Installation of digital communication channels and of a video surveillance system at JSC Latvijas Gāze

Cooperation partners:


JSC Latvijas Gāze

Period: 2011

Location: Rīga, Latvia


Designing works and installation of a video surveillance system

The implemented solutions: Video surveillance, data transmission


Our company developed a technical project and modernised video surveillance systems at three objects of JSC Latvijas Gāze. The installation of digital communication channels and of a surveillance system at the objects of JSC Latvijas Gāze marked the beginning of successful cooperation with a new producer DAN Communications which delivered a unique data transmission device designed for internet data transmission by using the existing embedded cables of JSC Latvijas Gāze. Use of the existing cable was an initial instruction by the customer and finding respective equipment was an important aspect in order to implement the project in a successful way. This equipment also ensured high-speed internet. A video surveillance system is usually chosen by examining the amount of premises and areas to be monitored in the object, necessity for automatic image analysis, use of the existing customer’s infrastructure (cable networks, data transmission networks), preferred image quality, and security level and duration of storage of the video records archive, as well as the character of the areas to be monitored – internal or external areas, lighting, production conditions, etc. The object was equipped with internet protocol (IP) video surveillance systems in which all system elements process digital information, thus ensuring a higher quality operation of cameras.