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Fire alarm system and smoke removal system construction for the DEPO store network



Period: 2007

Location: Riga, Latvija


automatic fire detection and alarm system construction and the construction of a fire alarm and evacuation management system and smoke removal system

The implemented solutions: fire alarms, smoke removal system


SIA DEPO DIY is one of the leading Latvian construction stores with a wide assortment and high daily customer traffic. In a day, these stores can see up to 500 people and employees, which is why a security system plays a particularly important role in objects of this size. Fire detection and alarm notification systems are required to be built in all public buildings, warehouses, factories and new residential buildings under construction, as determined by normative documents of the Republic of Latvia. This provides timely fire detection and warning alerts, thus helping to prevent deaths. In this project, we carried out automatic fire detection and alarm systems, fire alarm and evacuation management systems and smoke exhaust system construction works, including fire alarm equipment tuning, configuration, testing and installation of the system, ensuring that the customer has a highly efficient security system and ease of operation. A mechanical hatch release button was also installed in the building in order to provide faster smoke removal in the case of an accident, thus providing an even higher level of security.