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Energy-efficient lighting (LED) installation in the city of Rezekne

Cooperation partners:


Rezekne City Council

Period: 2012 June–July

Location: Rezekne


street light reconstruction

The implemented solutions: energy-efficient lighting replacement

References: See review >>


Nowadays, environmentally-friendly thinking is becoming increasingly popular, which is why energy issues are particularly important for road and street communication projects. In cooperation with Rezekne City Council, we have undertaken the reconstruction of street lighting in Rezekne, including both building a lighting control system in the central street of the town, as well as ​​energy efficient lighting (LED) lighting installations on seven streets in Rezekne – on Brāļu Skrindu, Raiņa, Stacijas, Ludzas, K. Barona, Varslavāna and Latgales iela, as well as walking paths.