Development, construction, and monitoring

We offer to develop a detailed technical proposal which contains a full technical project, economical calculations, and detailed descriptions of solutions. We also offer our services for the realisation and monitoring of these proposals. If by tender, another company is selected to realise our project, we offer construction supervision and project management in order to ensure quality execution of the original idea. Often in practice, quality solutions and good projects are ruined by price damping created by tenders – the original ideas get replaced with supposedly similar technologies, but a variety of other conditions are not taken into consideration, and therefore, a project does not get realised as intended and does not achieve the expected results. To undertake a guarantee and responsibility from the beginning to the end, we desire to be present as supervisors and consultants during the realisation of the project, in order to control the process. We are prepared to answer for the whole project from A to Z, saving the client from complications that can occur while coordinating and aligning the work of various suppliers.

We also perform modernisation of a building’s existing technical engineering systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, electrical supply), that can significantly increase the economy of energy resources with comparatively low investments. If the existing condition of technical engineering systems does not allow its modernisation, our specialists develop proposals for replacing it with new equipment that will ensure energy efficient operation.

To ensure a full energy efficient life cycle, we also provide building insulation, window replacement, and other work that is related to increasing passive energy efficiency.

In addition to energy efficiency measures, we develop energy efficient building management models, because correct operation, timely maintenance, monitoring, taking measurements, work organisation, and other work are of no less importance than system modernisation, replacement, and building insulation. When all has been built according to a project, we perform monitoring over the length of several years. It is recommended to perform quarterly reviews to ascertain whether the equipment is being regularly serviced and maintained. It is pointless to install expensive ventilation equipment if it will not be serviced adequately after three years, for example, untimely changing of filters which increases the energy used by this ventilation equipment.

After improving energy efficiency, it is important for businesses to inform and train their employees about the necessary activities that they need to perform and about making regular entries in the report log. Our collaboration with the client does not end once the energy efficiency measures have been implemented – we collaborate and consult in future years in order to be convinced that management of energy efficiency activities has been successful.