Energy Efficiency

The goal of the energy efficiency solution is to optimise the resources consumed by buildings and various equipment. It is the analysis of a company’s operational processes and environment with the goal to decrease the volume of energy consumption of elements in the overall operation. Energy efficiency is attainable by using building management systems, implementing automated solutions in facilities, and integrating energy monitoring systems in various aspects of company management.

We divide energy efficiency into two types: passive and active energy efficiency. Passive energy efficiency means to use more modern materials (insulating buildings, replacing windows, etc.), while active energy efficiency means to increase the efficiency of built-in systems and equipment in buildings. As a result of energy management and monitoring instruments, it is possible to achieve an average of 10-40% savings of energy resources (see figure).


We also perform energy retrieval in buildings where there is equipment that creates a large thermal discharge, for example, electrical equipment, data centre, telecommunications equipment, etc. Our experience confirms that in Latvia’s climatic conditions, it is possible to decrease the consumption of energy for heating by up to 79%. Importantly, we provide the development of suggestions, development of a technical project, technical calculations, project management, monitoring, and development of procedures, so that, upon project completion, a client may make quality use of the equipment, systems, and buildings according to the initial intentions.

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