At the end of 2010 SIA Citrus Solutions, in co-operation with other leading companies in the construction industry, established the Latvian Sustainable Construction Council (LIBP) in order to develop joint criteria for a long-term building quality assurance. Among founders of the council are such companies as: „SIA Re&Re”, „SIA Skonto Būve”, „SIA Arčers”, „SIA Knauf”, „SIA Ramitent”, „Saint-Gobain”, „RBSSKALS”, „LX GRUPA”, „NCC”, „SIA Sakret”, „SIA Citrus Solutions” and organization „Zaļās mājas”.

„It is very important to us to be involved in the work of organizations, which unite the leading companies of the industry, in order to jointly develop environment and conditions, which in the long run will become generally accepted standards, and will determine guidelines of fair competition. Thus, the leading companies of the industry, in co-operation with each other, as well as with state and municipal institutions, and non-governmental organizations of other sectors, may create environment and legislative framework, where everyone has equal rules – the quality is measured by equal standards, the tender solutions are judged not only by the price, but also by the quality criteria, everyone has to pay taxes, as well as the State provides support to the biggest taxpayers”, stresses Uldis Tatarčuks, Chairman of the Board of SIA Citrus Solutions.

Sustainable construction assessment criteria are based on internationally recognized certification system (BREEAM - British Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), which considers all the most relevant aspects of sustainability, not only the construction process and management, but also energy efficiency, water supply, availability of public transport, resource and waste management, pollution, the quality of materials, etc. The standards at the moment are being conformed and adjusted to fit the geographical circumstances and priorities of Latvia.

State and municipal institutions, building developers and owners, who will apply these standards in the constructional process and choosing of materials, will be able to obtain a BREEAM certificate that will serve as a recognizable and credible label of quality, thus raising value of the building in the eyes of the owners and residents. In Latvia, it will be allowed to apply the BREEAM method for newly- constructed buildings and renovations of commercial function (selling areas, office premises, light industry); gradually are being created criteria for other type of constructions.

LIBP will also focus on education of professionals of the industry- architects, engineers, constructors- and society, about sustainable construction, its significance and benefits. By establishing LIBP, Latvia has eventually joined the community of the countries, where sustainable construction standard implementation is a generally accepted construction practice.