The selected building automatic equipment accounting, management and supervision solutions from the well-known global producer „Honeywell” help to save consumption of energy resources harmonizing the systems and adjusting the operating regime of the climate equipment in an optimal way for operational specifics of the shopping center – it is possible to set up a proper operating regime for each time of the day. Thus during the night systems operate in a passive regime, while during the active customer flow hours it is activated. Also weather conditions are taken into account – temperature in the premises is automatically adjusted according to a respective air temperature outside.

It should be added that this is the first object in Latvia, in which „Honeywell” systems are installed that support compatibility of various equipment – customers are provided with an opportunity to supplement its technologies with equipment of different producers and it is not dependant on one supplier.

Recently the security issue has become very essential to trading companies and for this reason great attention is paid to qualitative security equipment – video surveillance, security alarm and access control systems that allow unobtrusive surveillance of the order in the shopping center and immediate action in case if cameras fix unusual activities.

The low intensity current network of the shopping center, its security system and building management system engineering and construction was performed by the technical system construction company SIA „Citrus Solutions” of SIA „Lattelecom” group, which deserved from the customer words of appreciation for timely work in realization of the complicated project.

„We realized in the shopping center’s construction process that we want to be in steps with the time – our priorities are customer safety and comfort, innovations as well as economy therefore we choose trustworthy suppliers and at the same time secure ourselves against additional expenses during maintenance of the object. SIA „Citrus Solutions” joined the object construction at the last stage and within four months was able to demonstrate really swift performance. We envisage that the chosen equipment will allow improving functionality of the building also in future as well as optimizing consumption of energy resources, which matters to every enterprise now,” considers shopping center’s representative, SIA „Patollo” director Sandis Vētra.