Even though it is already September, and studies are about to start, it is never too early or too late to plan your future, which is of particular importance for the young people who will begin their last year in high school this year. I hope that what I, the chief executive of the engineering system construction company, say will be heard.

The Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia regularly summarizes the current situation in the labour market, analysing also labour market forecasts. For us this informative report of 2013 (which happens to be the most recent one) concerning medium and long-term labour market forecasts was not at all promising. Quote: “If the educational structure remains unchanged, shortage of specialists with tertiary education in engineering, manufacturing, construction, agriculture as well as health care and social welfare may emerge by 2020.”

Shortage of engineering specialists. Harsh. We are not the only ones to notice this issue. The media writes about it. The matter also occupies the thoughts of the faculty staff. While us – companies operating in the field of engineering sciences, feel it most acutely. Particularly now, in September, when the construction season is at its heights.

By Miks Stūrītis, chairman of the board of SIA Citrus Solutions

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