The present situation in the Global and Latvian economy makes every person and every company think about the importance of economizing resources – on the one hand the issue of changing out habits becomes topical in order to prevent negative changes in the climate and environment, but on the other hand the financial situation makes us start saving up.

Many people think that energy efficiency solutions are only heat-insulated external wall of buildings or new windows, however companies can make effective use of energy-efficient automation solutions which ensure functioning, control and management efficiency of various technologies.

Energy efficiency and automation solutions can help any company save on resources, be it a company building, shopping centre, manufacturing unit or an industrial object. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems can be optimized in public buildings by saving energy resources up to 30%. Moreover, the climate of the building is maintained within the limits of particular parameters and information on processes is lucid. Automation on its part helps controlling and saving any types of resources – labour, raw materials and up to 20% of energy resources, ensuring simple process supervision and quality control at the same time.

It is important that return period can be calculated precisely while energy audit – when the implementation of engineering technological solutions for reducing energy resource costs will pay off.

The concept of energy efficiency was explained in the presentation of SIA Citrus Solutions, elaborating on what benefits can build and industrial automation solutions have. Based on concrete examples from our experience, we will demonstrate what and how much can be economized.

By a comprehensive demonstration, using candy as a sample of resources, we tested who is a more efficient consumer of resources – a human being or automation. Candy can be replaced by raw materials for manufacturing, heat, water, light or any types of energy resources whose consumption can be measured, optimized and economized!