In the annual conference SIA Lattelecom day 2011 SIA Citrus Solutions presented intelligent video surveillance opportunities to business clients.

Since the security guard attention stability is temporary, intelligent video surveillance system solutions are being offered to companies. The analytics of modem video surveillance cameras not only records the content, but according to set criteria recognizes threats and sends alarm to the security office. In order to optimize security resources, companies shift to remote surveillance and use intelligent video surveillance system, which itself sends to the operator an alert on threatening situations.

Security system manufacturer Bosch informs that there are on average 500 intelligent video surveillance systems being installed in Europe per month- and now they are also available to every company in Latvia.

The intelligent video surveillance solution features, offered by SIA Citrus Solutions, are very extensive- it is possible to record and receive alarm not only on left bag or missing object, but also object motion direction, suspicious shuffle, crossing of alert areas and to set color assignment. Therefore the video surveillance system is not only a tool to establish facts, but also a crime prevention measure, so that security guards could respond quickly to offence and prevent the crime.

The intelligent video surveillance is an opportunity for company to optimize its security resources and increase their effectiveness, simultaneously using these systems not only for security, but also business objectives. Intelligent video surveillance solutions are also capable to analyze customer motion path, count people and identify lines formed at the cash register. Therefore, company’s benefit is not only the security, but also reduced costs on safety and information for business development,” explains Miks Stūrītis, Executive Director or SIA Citrus solutions.

SIA Citrus Solutions is a company of SIA Lattelecom group, which specializes in planning, construction and maintaining of intelligent engineering technical solutions for commercial customers of such spheres as automation, security system and telecommunication infrastructure.