Students are welcome to participate in the competition and to attain an opportunity to practise in one of the Latvia’s 20 leading companies for one month.

The goal of summer practice competition „Good practice” is to popularize engineering science, enhance the interest of students and for them to acquire practical experience in the selected study field. In order to participate in the competition, students have to write a project and to explain why he/she has chosen to study at RTU, why he/she is interested in completing summer practice in the selected company. The project should contain a vision of how the selected industry will have developed after five years.

The students selected for the competition will have an opportunity of completing practice in one of the leading companies of Latvia for a period of one month and to receive a scholarship of LVL 150 for practising in a company located in Riga and a scholarship of LVL 200 for practising in a company located outside of Riga.

Anda Orlova, marketing manager of SIA Citrus Solutions, pointed out in the press conference: our company employs highly experienced experts and it is important that they will be able to share their experience with the new specialists. Besides, this is an opportunity for the company to select the most determined and professional employees.

Baiba Brigmane, Member of the Board of “Hipotēku banka” pointed out the importance of supporting engineering science which brings innovation to our economy. Gints Šķenders, Chairman of Cēsis District Council, on his part expressed support for the students to have an opportunity of acquiring practical skills and he said that by cooperating with students and personnel of the RTU this summer the local government will try to find solutions for problems with heat supply in Cēsis city.

Summer practice for RTU students this summer will be offered by JSC “SAF Tehnika”, SIA “GRUNDFOS Pumps Latvia”, SIA “Latvijas Mobilais Telefons” (LMT), RKF SIA “NOOK LTD”, SIA “Var C”, JSC “Dzintars”, SIA “Microsoft Latvia”, SIA “Citrus Solutions”, SIA “DPA” and other companies.

Summer practice competition “Good practice” in the RTU is organized by “Hipotēku banka”, Student Parliament of the RTU and by Development fund of the RTU.