Be the master of your comfort. Smart home

The notion smart home has been around for many years now. However, in the beginning it appeared to an average individual a distant, expensive and seemingly unreachable technological development used by either wealthy people or technology enthusiasts. As the time has moved on, things have changed. We can now talk about smart homes not only… View Article

Security systems help Statoil to reduce theft losses by 50%

The innovative complex of security systems introduced in the chain of gas filling stations (GFS) SIA Latvija Statoil, enabled to reduce theft losses last year by 50%; Latvija Statoil Ltd. informed business portal Overall, in recent years, the company has invested around 200 000 lats in the security system improvements, and, due to the… View Article

SIA Citrus Solutions present intelligent video surveillance options

In the annual conference SIA Lattelecom day 2011 SIA Citrus Solutions presented intelligent video surveillance opportunities to business clients. Since the security guard attention stability is temporary, intelligent video surveillance system solutions are being offered to companies. The analytics of modem video surveillance cameras not only records the content, but according to set criteria recognizes… View Article

Galleria Riga prefers energy efficient building management systems

The selected building automatic equipment accounting, management and supervision solutions from the well-known global producer „Honeywell” help to save consumption of energy resources harmonizing the systems and adjusting the operating regime of the climate equipment in an optimal way for operational specifics of the shopping center – it is possible to set up a proper… View Article

Training about security of retail companies

An increasing number of retail companies suffer losses from thefts and robberies that occur due to the economic situation. Do you know the actual statistics of such offences? Do you know what risks you company has and which technologies would be the most efficient ones to prevent them? Would you like to know how to… View Article